Software Overview

While software rarely catches the headlines in bioprinting, it is the key to creating 3D models and processing these files to direct the 3D printing hardware. Today there is a variety of  powerful 3D CAD platforms available for users. However, the software needs of bioprinting are unique enough that new or modified software is often required.

This page is a hub for all resources related to software.

  • Xylinus
    • Xylinus is a plug-in written for Grasshopper, the visual scripting environment for Rhino.
    • It allows for novel control of 3D printers, generating G code directly from native Rhino and Grasshopper geometries including solids, surfaces, and curves.
    • It has tools for printers based on FDM filament extrusion, pneumatically-controlled syringes, ink-jet, and DLP Stereolithography.
  • Slic3r
    • Slic3r is an open-source STL slicer for filament-based printers.
  • Pronterface
    • Printrun is a full suite of host interfaces for 3D printers and CNC, consisting of:
      • Pronterface – a fully-featured GUI host
      • Pronsole -an interactive command line host for the lower level work via the console
      • Printcore – a standalone non-interactive G-Code host

About the author: Ryan Hoover

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