The Maryland Institute College of Art is the oldest art and design college in the US, yet continues to be among the most innovative, pioneering new areas of research and creation with digital and biological fabrication. Through courses on digital and biological fabrication students learn fundamental principles related to bioprinting. This knowledge is applied and developed in “Co-Lab” a collaborative research project lead by Ryan Hoover, faculty in Interdisciplinary Sculpture.

Research Projects


3D Printing Biocement

The bacteria S. pasteurii and other micro-organisms are capable of biocementation via calcite precipitation. Scientists, engineers, and designer have show that this ability holds promise for a range of technical applications. The research group at MICA is exploring the possibility of incorporating this particular biofabrication method into a new 3D printing platform.

Team Members

Ryan Hoover


Ryan is and artist who specializes in experimental forms of 3D printing. He is the lead developer of Xylinus, a plugin for the Rhino/Grasshopper platform, that allows for novel control of 3D printers.

    Mika Rosenberg

    Student Researcher

    Mika is an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major.

      Tila Assgari

      Student Researcher

      Tila is an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major.

        Emma Whitlock

        Student Researcher

        Emma is a Fiber major.

          Kazi Rayhan

          Student Researcher

          Kazi is an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major.