While software rarely catches the headlines in bioprinting, it is the key to creating 3D models and processing these files to direct the 3D printing hardware. Today there is a variety of  powerful 3D CAD platforms available for users. However, the software needs of bioprinting are unique enough that new or modified software is often required.

This page is a hub for all resources related to software.

  • Xylinus
    • Xylinus is a plug-in written for Grasshopper, the visual scripting environment for Rhino.
    • It allows for novel control of 3D printers, generating G code directly from native Rhino and Grasshopper geometries including solids, surfaces, and curves.
    • It has tools for printers based on FDM filament extrusion, pneumatically-controlled syringes, ink-jet, and DLP Stereolithography.
  • Slic3r
    • Slic3r is an open-source STL slicer for filament-based printers.
  • Pronterface
    • Printrun is a full suite of host interfaces for 3D printers and CNC, consisting of:
      • Pronterface – a fully-featured GUI host
      • Pronsole -an interactive command line host for the lower level work via the console
      • Printcore – a standalone non-interactive G-Code host
  • Marlin
    • Marlin is a most common firmware used to to manage the electronics, motors, and other hardware elements of a 3D printer.
    • Marlin is open-source and readily extensible for custom operations.


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